About Us

About Us

Our Mission:

“To Lead People to Christ and Equip Believers for Ministry.”


Our Vision

(Approved by Council on February 28, 2011)


  1. Is a church of spiritually bold leaders, where Spirit-led leaders love to serve and grow.
  2. Is a house of prayer for all nations, sustained by God and by the prayers of believers who live a life of fervent prayer.
  3. Believes in the power of redemption, and is energized and committed to life-changing redemption groups.
  4. Is obedient to the call of God and is in this world with the sole purpose of  propagating the kingdom of God through the Great Commission.
  5. Believes in the transforming power of God’s word and engages it daily.
  6. Is filled with disciples who have submitted themselves to the will of God.
  7. Is intrinsically bound and weaved together by Christ’s love.
  8. Communicates God’s message effectively through ways that speak truth to the heart of this culture.

 Our Core Values

Our values speak volumes about who we are, what we believe in, and what we do.

What do you value most in your life? Chances are good that you may not have time to think about it very often, and you may not even be aware of the things you value most. Here at Lititz United Methodist Church, values are at the forefront of our philosophy, and are the driving force behind everything we do and all that we believe in. And we continually evaluate ourselves to make certain that our values show through in all that we do – every single day.

Together, our core values enable us to accomplish a very important goal, which can be summed up in the Lititz United Methodist Church mission statement:  

 “To Lead People to Christ and Equip Believers for Ministry.”

  • Jesus alone is Savior and Lord.
  • The Bible is the primary guide for belief and conduct.
  • Every Christian is meant to be in ministry: the church staff primarily enlists and equips laity for ministry.
  • Members of Christ’s body are accountable to one another; the welfare of the whole Body is to be valued above that of any individual.
  • Prayer and dependence on the Holy Spirit is vital to all we do.
  • We strive for excellence to the glory of God.
  • Diversity within the Body of Christ is to be recognized; acknowledging Christ as Savior and Lord unites us.
  • Communication within the church will be open and free flowing.
  • Everything we do is to be motivated by love.

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